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Shower Screen Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Glass shower screens are an extremely amazing product that these days are somewhat of a necessity. However, on the far side being unbelievably functional, they will do wonders in creating a toilet seem a lot of later than it extremely is. This can be as a result of the glass permits light-weight to suffer, that creates associate degree illusion of house – and this can be vital for smaller loos.

Unfortunately, the most of us have pretty tiny loos. In fact, consistent with, the common Australian lavatory is simply 2.7m x 1.8m in dimensions. once you take under consideration the minimum shower demand of 900mm x 900mm, it doesn’t leave area for a lot of else. And keep in mind, this can be a mean sized lavatory, thus tiny loos have even less house to figure with.

While there's no other way to shrink a shower, you'll be able to select glass shower screens in Brisbane that higher suit tiny loos. these days we’ll take a glance at some shower screens that are ideal for smaller areas. But first, let’s take a glance at what variety of shower is best suited to a toilet of restricted house.

As the head of buying at River City Glass, I’ve restricted all sorts of shower screens. And during this post, I’ll advocate a number of our bestselling shower screens in Brisbane, that are good for tiny loos. If you’re restricted on house and still need a shower screen, you'll be able to select any of those.

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are ideal to be used in tiny lavatory areas due to their seamless look. They take up little or no beholding and their frameless style implies that light-weight can flow naturally from one space of your lavatory to a different.

While frameless shower screens are costlier than semi-frameless or framed models, they're going to create your lavatory look larger. Also, at River City Glass, you’ll realize terribly competitively priced frameless showers. You needn’t worry concerning your budget, while with us – our frameless showers will certainly fall well at intervals your budget.

Let’s currently take a glance at a number of our bestselling frameless shower screens in Capalaba, that you’ll realize right here at River City Glass.

1. Frost Frameless Shower

To add barely of favor and utility to your lavatory house, select our Frost Frameless Shower Screen. It boasts of associate degree unbelievably trendy and fashionable style and it'll simply work into loos of any size. This shower screen comes with a completely reversible door and is out there in 2 size choices for you to settle on from.

The Frost Frameless shower screen is factory-made victimisation significant duty toughened glass and options trendy chrome handles. And because of special floor strips, it offers an entire water seal.

The Frost Frameless Shower is priced at $695-$745, reckoning on the dimensions possibility you decide on.

2. Cannes Shower Screen

Cannes Shower Screen could be a minimalist shower screen that gives luxury through simplicity. This unbelievably versatile shower is often put in as a corner, recess, alcove, flat wall or walk-in shower and accessible in 3 sizes. to boot, it's accessible with a frameless and semi-frameless possibility.

Like the different showers options during this article, the city shower screen conjointly options AllClear coating as customary, that makes it terribly simple to wash and maintain.

The city Shower Screen are often all yours for simply $650-$690, reckoning on the dimensions possibility you choose.

3. Frost Frameless Shower Panel

Our Frost Frameless Shower Panel is a shower which will add vogue and utility to any tiny lavatory. accessible in 3 size choices, this heavy-duty shower screen not solely meets Australian standards of quality however exceeds them.

The Frost Frameless Shower Panel is incredibly simple to wash and has been designed to seal out water utterly with the assistance of effective floor strips.

This elegant shower screen is priced at simply $345-$445, reckoning on the dimensions possibility you choose.

Quadrant & Corner Showers

Quadrant and corner showers are ideal for tiny lavatory areas. They're designed to suit snugly into a corner or recess and provide walk-in access. Quadrant and corner showers save plenty of house, that is why are unbelievably fashionable Perth owners searching for the proper shower for a little lavatory.

While quadrant and corner showers are restricted in designs, there are many styles to settle on from. Let’s take a glance at 3 of our prime commerce quadrant and corner showers at River City Glass.

4. Corner Entry Shower

Our Corner Entry shower screen is straightforward to work and boasts of unbelievably beautiful appearance. This semi-frameless shower screen options magnetic door seals, a straightforward glide system, and totally reversible doors. Moreover, this shower screen is out there in multiple size choices and is factory-made toughened glass.

The Corner Entry shower screen is intended to suit into any lavatory house. And, because of associate degree AllClear coating, it's conjointly unbelievably simple to wash and maintain. This shower screen is additionally backed by a real time period guarantee as a mark of superior quality.

Elegant shower screen can cost $869-$965, reckoning on the dimensions you decide on.

5. Quadrant Shower

Our Quadrant Shower is a reasonable, trendy and unbelievably sensible shower screen that's designed to suit any tiny lavatory. This semi-frameless shower options a completely reversible door and is out there in multiple size choices. it's designed to supply simple installation in even tiny and compact loos.

The Quadrant Shower is factory-made to the best standards of quality in toughened glass. It conjointly options associate degree AllClear coating, that makes the glass terribly simple to wash and maintain. It too is backed by a time period guarantee.

You can own this shower screen for simply $1,070-$1,165, reckoning on the dimensions possibility you decide on.

6. Offset Quadrant Shower

Lastly, for an amazing shower screen that's good for tiny sized loos, take into account our Offset Quadrant shower. This clearer shower screen has been exactness built to suit into any lavatory house, irrespective of however restricted your house is also.

It includes a completely reversible door and is factory-made using toughened glass. The semi-frameless style includes trendy chrome handles and glass also has option of AllClear coating, that makes it terribly simple to keep up and clean. As a live of quality, the Offset Quadrant Shower is backed by a time period guarantee.

This wonderful shower screen is often all yours for simply $1,330-$1,355, reckoning on the dimensions possibility you decide on.


If you’re searching for shower screens in Capalaba for a small bathroom, then you have got some choices there.

Any designer can tell you that frameless shower screens with clear glass are the most effective acceptable tiny loos. Such shower screens provide a minimalist look and that they don’t have any massive or ugly attachments. However, quadrant and corner showers also are a good possibility for smaller areas. Such shower screens take up little or no house and still provide all the practicality of a shower screen.

Make you bathroom attractive, lavish, elegant and functional with a stylish shower screen. Buy high quality shower screens in Brisbane from us at River City Glass!